Here's where you'll find what's on tap in the taproom.


Narrowback is a term used to describe 2nd generation Irishmen by their parents who came to America through Ellis Island. Narrowback meant that this new generation wasn't as strong as their parents who had to carry the weight of the world on their backs. This beer, while produced here in America, is anything but weak. It boasts a heavy malt presence of dark and caramelized malts from the UK along with Noble European hops to balance out this delicious Irish staple. This deep cooper red ale comes in at 4.7% abv and 25 ibu's making it the perfect drink to connect both generations.

4.5% ABV

25.0 IBU


Paideia Pale Ale

Paideia for the Greeks meant the development of the perfectly well-rounded citizen. This single-hopped pale ale uses Citra hops and a blend of malts to create a bright aroma and flavors with little bitterness. We think you’ll find our Paideia to be perfectly well-rounded, capturing the essence of the Greek ideal.

5.0% ABV

55.0 IBU



3LB IPA was originally named for the 3 pounds of cascade hops that we put in every barrel. This well balanced IPA gives the drinker a powerful hop experience while maintaining a malty sweetness which allows the uninitiated to appreciate its grapefruit characteristics. We trust you will find 3 lb. a pleasurable way to consume hops.

6.0% ABV

63.0 IBU


Libation DIPA Double Dry Hopped

Libation Double IPA with twice the dry hops!

8.5% ABV

83.0 IBU


Hegemony Stout

Hegemony, another name for imperial supremacy, is as powerful as its name implies. This imperial stout offers a chocolatey sweetness balanced with roasty notes from the dark malts and a slight bitterness from centennial hops. As your taste buds surrender to the strength and complexity of our imperial stout we believe you too will become a convert.

8.0% ABV

57.0 IBU


Ace In the Hole Stout

Using copious dark malts and a special base malt, Ace in the Hole pours opaque black, with the signature cascade effect from being dispensed with nitrogen. Black patent malt, brown malt, and roasted barley dominate the aroma. Mouthfeel is silken. Flavors of molasses and slight bitterness from English hops lead into a very dry finish, with almost no residual sweetness.

4.5% ABV

39.0 IBU



Lancaster's Lager. The beer formerly known as 225 Lager. A brilliantly clear light straw color is the first thing one notices, followed by ample carbonation and an aroma of malty sweetness and earthy undertones. The flaked corn contributes to the flavor, which is dry but still just sweet enough. The Cascade hops fill out the flavor with earth and herbal spiciness. The perfect sipper, we challenge you to find an easier drinking lager anywhere.

4.5% ABV

0.0 IBU


Charter '77

This simple Czech-style pilsner is exactly the beer we want to drink. Using only pilsner malt, the beer pours bright straw yellow. It is also filtered for maximum clarity and crispness. The aroma that wafts off of Charter ‘77 is grapey malt and continental hops- Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Czech Saaz hops, to be exact- green tea, grass, and slightly earthiness. We fermented Charter ‘77 with our house lager strain and lagered it for a good while. The flavor is slightly sweet, grassy, earthy, with a smooth mouthfeel and pleasant carbonation.

5.0% ABV

20.0 IBU



Session style kettle soured LAGER brewed with Meyer Lemons and Bay Leaves. Originally released in 2019 in collaboration with LUCA.

3.6% ABV

0.0 IBU


Parliament Pale Ale

Parliament Pale Ale is an English style Ale with a rich malt backbone and a mix of traditional EKG for bittering and less common Zythos hops for flavor. Look for notes of citrus, herbal and tropical fruits.

4.7% ABV

40.0 IBU


Summer Slammer - Apricot Sage Kölsch

5.0% ABV

10.0 IBU


Coffee Amber

5.2% ABV

30.0 IBU


Textbook IPA

Textbook IPA is brewed in the classic West Coast style resulting in a little bit malty and little bit bitter treat. We used the tried-and-true hop varietals of Centennial and Cascade to throw back to the craft beer days of old!

5.2% ABV

66.0 IBU


Orange Pollinator

Starting with a heavy helping of white wheat malt, a high mash temperature yields generous body to this light yellow beer. After additions of lactose and orange blossom honey for some sweetness and German hops in the kettle, we add orange puree during fermentation. Pouring with generous carbonation and the signature yeast haze, Orange Pollinator smells of orange, sweet wheat malt, and faintly of bananas from the German hefeweizen yeast strain.

5.5% ABV

0.0 IBU


Johnny Hammersticks

Johnny Hammersticks being the fourth release in the "Drinking Out of Cups" sub series presents hazy, juicy, and hoppy. Featuring Mosaic along with Citra and Simcoe powder, tangerine and apricot puree in addition to lactose aid to embellish the ridiculous amount of dry hopping.

5.9% ABV

50.0 IBU


Glasswork Mosaic IPA

Sharing much in common with our Theory and Reality Galaxy IPA, this version uses Mosaic hops in place of Galaxy, along with Falconer’s Flight and Citra. The grain bill remains the same- Pilsner malt and oat malt. The simplicity of this allows the brilliant Mosaic hops to shine through. Glasswork is filtered, and so pours clear and bright, with just the right amount of carbonation and lovely dark gold color. As expected, hop aroma dominates the nose, with lots of juicy tangerine and tropical fruit. The taste is more of a good thing - bubblegum, tangerine, and a tiny hint of berry

6.6% ABV

70.0 IBU


Mr. Balloon Hands

Sometimes simplicity is best. This is not one of those times. Mr. Balloon Hands started life with malted oats, sour malt, and enough Citra and Mosaic whirlpool hops to make a hop farmer blush. After two criminally large dry hop additions of Nelson Sauvin and 84 pounds of peach puree, we arrive at this sour New England-style IPA, pouring a soupy straw yellow. Aromas of citrus, pine, lemon rind, and (duh) peaches are followed by pucker-inducing flavors of more peaches and overripe plums backed by slight sweetness.

6.6% ABV

32.0 IBU


Crisp Apple

A crisp and refreshing cider, its fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make it hard to resist.

5.0% ABV

10.0 IBU