Here's where you'll find what's on tap in the taproom.


Lancaster's Lager. The beer formerly known as 225 Lager.

4.5% ABV

0.0 IBU



Irish-style ale made in collaboration with Tellus360, with Lancaster County ingredients.

4.5% ABV

25.0 IBU


Paideia Pale Ale

Paideia for the Greeks meant the development of the perfectly well-rounded citizen. This single-hopped pale ale uses Citra hops and a blend of malts to create a bright aroma and flavors with little bitterness. We think you’ll find our Paideia to be perfectly well-rounded, capturing the essence of the Greek ideal.

5.0% ABV

55.0 IBU



3LB IPA was originally named for the 3 pounds of cascade hops that we put in every barrel. This well balanced IPA gives the drinker a powerful hop experience while maintaining a malty sweetness which allows the uninitiated to appreciate its grapefruit characteristics. We trust you will find 3 lb. a pleasurable way to consume hops.

6.0% ABV

63.0 IBU


Libation DIPA

In ancient times, libations were drink offerings poured out to deities. This Double IPA combines a variety of hop flavors balanced by a malty sweetness. We offer you our Libation, a drink truly fit for the gods.

8.5% ABV

83.0 IBU


Hegemony Stout

Hegemony, another name for imperial supremacy, is as powerful as its name implies. This imperial stout offers a chocolatey sweetness balanced with roasty notes from the dark malts and a slight bitterness from centennial hops. As your taste buds surrender to the strength and complexity of our imperial stout we believe you too will become a convert.

8.0% ABV

57.0 IBU


Ace In the Hole Stout

4.5% ABV

39.0 IBU


Orange Pollinator

Hefeweizen brewed with orange puree, orange blossom honey, lactose sugar.

5.5% ABV

0.0 IBU


Johnny Hammersticks

Johnny Hammersticks being the fourth release in the "Drinking Out of Cups" sub series presents hazy, juicy, and hoppy. Featuring Mosaic along with Citra and Simcoe powder, tangerine and apricot puree in addition to lactose aid to embellish the ridiculous amount of dry hopping.

5.9% ABV

50.0 IBU


"Capo On Four" Marzen

Capo on Four, you ask? It's a bluegrass thing, just ask Jeff.

4.9% ABV

0.0 IBU


English Origins Series - Molasses Porter

5.5% ABV

24.0 IBU


Coffee Cream Ale

6.5% ABV

19.0 IBU


Baltic Porter

8.7% ABV

24.0 IBU


Black Currant Stout

8.0% ABV

28.0 IBU


Winter Bock

Brewed with orange and lemon peel along with coriander.

7.9% ABV

12.0 IBU


Samizdat NEIPA

5.0% ABV

40.0 IBU


English Origins Series - Publick Ale A'Me #1

3.7% ABV

30.0 IBU


Hegemony ANNIVER9ARY Reserve (Red Wax)

Our 9th Anniversary beer. Red wax dipped. 1200 bottles. Released 2/1/2020.

11.3% ABV

0.0 IBU


Little Round Hop

To elevate this cider's bright, citrusy personality, we've dry hopped it with Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops. Lemongrass helps to focus the hop overtones and enhances flavor.

5.5% ABV

0.0 IBU