Now on tap… Baltic Porter. Mass Psychosis IPA. PRAVDA. Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Hegemony ANNIVER9ARY Reserve. Offering #45 – Johnny Hammersticks NEIPA. Offering #44 – “Capo on Four” Marzen. Glasswork Mosaic IPA. Orange Pollinator. Commonplace Pilsner. Ace in the Hole Stout (Nitro). Coffee Cream Ale. Narrowback. Black Currant Stout. English Origins Series – Molasses Porter. Hegemony Stout. 3lb IPA. Paideia Pale Ale. Libation DIPA

Libation DIPA

Double India Pale Ale, %ABV
Libation Double India Pale Ale, St. Boniface Brewing Co.

In ancient times, libations were drink offerings poured out to deities. This Double IPA combines a variety of hop flavors balanced by a malty sweetness. We offer you our Libation, a drink truly fit for the gods.

Paideia Pale Ale

American Pale Ale, %ABV
Paideia Pale Ale, St. Boniface Brewing Co.

Paideia for the Greeks meant the development of the perfectly well-rounded citizen. This single-hopped pale ale uses Citra hops and a blend of malts to create a bright aroma and flavor with little bitterness. We think you’ll find our Paideia to be a perfectly well-rounded beer capturing the essence of the Greek ideal.

3lb IPA

India Pale Ale, %ABV

3 lb. IPA was originally named for the 3 pounds of cascade hops that we put in every barrel. This well balanced IPA gives the drinker a powerful hop experience while maintaining a malty sweetness which allows the uninitiated to appreciate its grapefruit characteristics. Although the amount of hops has changed over the years, we trust you will find 3 lb. a pleasurable way to consume hops.

Hegemony Stout

American Imperial, %ABV
Hegemony Stout, St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.

Hegemony, another name for imperial supremacy, is as powerful as its name implies. This imperial stout offers a chocolaty sweetness balanced with roasty notes from the dark malts and a slight bitterness from centennial hops. As your taste buds surrender to the strength and complexity of our imperial stout we believe you too will become a convert.

Offering series, available only on draft

Since craft beer drinkers love variety and new beers, we created the Offering series. These beers are our way of producing small batches of specialty beers, from lagers to stouts. We will keep you informed about projected releases which may occur on a monthly basis.

  1. Mango IPA.
  2. Belgian Sour.
  3. New England IPA.
  4. Session IPA.
  5. Vienna / Amber Lager.
  6. Sour IPA.
  7. Brut IPA.
  8. New England IPA.
  9. Marzen / Oktoberfest.
  10. Fruited Cream Ale.
  11. New England IPA.
  12. New England IPA.
  13. New England IPA.
  14. Mocha Java Blonde Ale.
  15. Winter Warmer.
  16. Session IPA.
  17. Light / Lite Lager.
  18. Maibock.
  19. Cream Ale.
  20. India Pale Ale.
  21. Porter.
  22. India Pale Ale.
  23. Festbier.
  24. Pilsner.
  25. Wheat IPA.
  26. Cream Ale.
  27. Bohemian / Czech Pilsener.
  28. India Pale Lager.
  29. Belgian Dubbel.
  30. Belgian Pale Ale.
  31. Berliner Weisse.
  32. American Red Ale.
  33. Pilsner.
  34. Northern English Brown Ale.
  35. KettleFace Imperial Red Ale. Collaboration with Columbia Kettle Works.
  36. Autumn Spiced Ale.
  37. Single-hopped Red Ale (Simcoe).
  38. Coffee Stout.
  39. WIPA 2.0.
  40. Cream Ale.
  41. Wheat IPA (WIPA).
  42. Molasses Porter.
  43. American Red Ale.
  44. No release.
  45. American Strong Ale.
  46. Irish Dry Stout.
  47. Irish Red Ale.
  48. Cream Ale.
  49. Belgian Tripel w/ peaches.
  50. Belgian Strong Ale.
  51. Double IPA.
  52. Small-batch IPA. Predates Offering series.